A Drunk is NOT a Drunk!

drunkI’m beginning to empathize with Sisyphus. In Greek mythology, he was punished by being forced to roll an immense boulder up a hill, only to watch it roll back down, and destined to repeat this action forever.

That is what it feels like when I hear stories about paramedics who dismiss patients based on what they “think” or “assume” is wrong, rather than what a full assessment shows.

My wife is an RN/MICN at a local trauma center. In addition to treating patients, she spends much of her day answering paramedic radio calls, taking reports, giving field treatment orders, and consulting the appropriate receiving facilities. She comes home tired every day and her stories often begin with: “You are NEVER gonna believe this…”

For the record, she never shares enough information for me to have any idea who she is talking about and she won’t tell me which medic units or agencies are involved. She does give me just enough information to shake my head and wonder.

The other night, she came home and recapped a call that led to a heated “discushment” (as my daughter used to call it) with a medic who was mad because she required that a patient with head trauma and ALOC be transported to the trauma center.

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