David Givot became an EMT in 1987 and graduated from Daniel Freeman Paramedic School (now UCLA) in June, 1989.

For most of the next decade he worked in the City of Glendale, CA, responding to 911 calls with the (then BLS only) fire department.

By 1999, he was traveling around the country working with distressed EMS agencies. David taught organizations to improve field provider performance through better communications & leadership practices. He provided tools that bridged common gaps and offered real ownership in the agency’s reputation for quality of service and care to anyone who was willing to accept it—and a way out for those who did not.

At the turn of the century he took over as the Director of Operations for the largest commercial ambulance provider in the State of Maryland. After working to change the way commercial EMS was delivered there, he returned to California to earn a Juris Doctorate Degree and pass the California Bar Exam.

As a Defense Attorney, he is looking to the future of EMS.

The National Trial Lawyers

The Practice of Defense Law
The Law Offices of David J. Givot is a boutique firm that only handles Criminal and EMS Provider defense cases in California.

As it is, the criminal justice system is tough enough on regular people. For EMS Providers, the stakes are much higher. Not only do EMS Providers have to worry about criminal law consequences, such as jail, community service, probation, and hefty fines, but there can also be drastic and severe administrative consequences, such as professional license probation, suspension, or even revocation.

His unique background and understanding of EMS gives him an edge when it comes to defending EMS Providers in trouble.

If you or a provider you know has been arrested, charged, or even accused of any of the following in California, it’s time to call The Law Offices of David J. Givot at (888) 293-0396:

  • Drug Charges
  • Theft-related Allegations
  • Alcohol-related Accusations
  • Assault & Battery
  • Domestic Violence
  • Weapons Charges
  • Sex-related allegations
  • Protocol Violations
  • Scope of Practice Violations
  • Procedural Violations
  • Protocol Violations
  • Driving Violations
  • All other Felonies & Misdemeanors

The Origin of TLG
It seems that EMT and Paramedic positions are viewed more as jobs than professions; as stepping-stones rather than careers. Given the intense nature and life-giving impact of these endeavors, that logic seems counterintuitive.
Field providers should take tremendous pride in the work they do and society should recognize that it is they who are the unsung – and selflessly anonymous – heroes who keep families together.

The goal of TLG is to contribute to that future in the best way we know how; educating, protecting, and defending providers.