The EMS Case Review section of TLG brings frontline providers face-to-face with real legal issues and actual court decisions that form the boundaries within which EMS must function.

The text of the cases comes directly from the court records or judicial decisions. Disclaimer

The Legal Guardian Past EMS Defense Cases

Felony Possession of Assault Weapons

Client, a Firefighter/Paramedic was arrested when police discovered two assault weapons in his home firearms safe. Police responded to the home after a caller reported a possible dispute. When they arrived, they acquired permission to search the residence for any sign of a disturbance. They found none. However, the search included a locked firearms safe […]

Misdemeanor Obstructing/Interfering with Police Officer

legal defense for ems providers

Client, an off-duty paramedic, was out for an evening in Newport Beach with her husband and brother-in-law. The brother-in-law was involved in an altercation inside a bar and the police were called. The brother-in-law and husband were detained by police for questioning while my client waited patiently several feet away. Sometime later, an additional officer […]

Misdemeanor Domestic Battery & Criminal Threats

defending a nurse

Client, a Registered Nurse, was arrested after allegedly striking his wife and threatening to kill her with a knife. After my own investigation, separate from the police, I was able to show the prosecutor that, while there may have been an unwanted physical contact, there was no threat to the wife involving a knife. The […]

Felony Commercial Burglary

shop lifting defense

Client, a sworn peace officer, was arrested and booked on suspicion of Commercial Burglary when it was discovered that, without her knowledge, her shopping companion – now former friend – had shoplifted merchandise from a Beverly Hills department store. Within hours of receiving the call, I had been to the store, met with the lead […]

Felony Domestic Violence

domestic violence defense

Client, a Paramedic, found himself in a heated argument with his wife. The exchange, just one of many sparked by economic difficulties, led to yelling and, ultimately, both spouses removing themselves from the situation. Nevertheless, before separating themselves to cool off, both had called police claiming the other had assaulted them. When police arrived, client’s […]

Felony Possession of a Controlled Substance & Grand Theft

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FOR EDUCATIONAL PURPOSES ONLY Client, a Paramedic, developed an addiction to prescription pain medication after two orthopedic surgeries from an off-the-job injury. After returning to duty, client responded to a call at a home where the patient had several bottles of prescription pain medication. Client secreted away several of the pills. However, although nobody had […]