Is it time to arm EMS providers?

Posted by on Apr 26, 2013 in Articles & Columns

Initially, the idea of EMS providers carrying guns seemed cool to me, but so did being a sunscreen applier on a topless beach; then I saw a topless beach and who actually goes there…be careful what you wish for.

The once anodyne and utterly neutral environment that was EMS has clashed with a world that has, and continues to, change seemingly by the hour. Sadly, in the wake of recent events, it seems that the time for armed EMS providers may very well be upon us.

A recent story from the Dayton Daily News described one Ohio Township where the firefighters have been authorized to carry a concealed weapon — gun — while on duty. The arguments for and against were interesting and logical and it got me thinking:

What does an armed emergency medical service look like?

What does that world look like?

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