Patient Death Probed…That’s Never Good

Posted by on Oct 8, 2012 in Articles & Columns

The headline alone is troubling: “Patient death probed; medics ‘used choke hold, spray’”

Any time a headline reads “…patient death…” and “…probed…” in the same sentence, someone is in some serious trouble.

According to this story (from, Oklahoma City police are investigating EMSA for its involvement in the events leading up to what officers are calling a suspicious death. As the mystery unravels, there’s an unruly patient, a fight, and a sequence of events whereby the patient ultimately dies.

If you are a provider, you know that combative patients present a variety of dangers and there is no real “pretty” way to manage them. Nevertheless, I urge you to read and follow this story and keep two very important facts in mind: 1) we don’t know what actually happened yet and rushing to judgment is a mistake. And 2) if it is true, it’s a great lesson in what NOT to do.

Read the story here.

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