Legal Representation in California

David Givot is an attorney licensed to practice law throughout California and he has successfully represented EMS providers in:

Criminal Court

Agency Disciplinary Proceedings

DMV Actions

&  through Criminal and Administrative Investigations

The Law Offices of David J. Givot does not charge by the hour. Cases are managed on a flat-fee basis, so clients don’t need to be concerned with a dwindling retainer or excess billing. Instead, clients enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing their attorney will work until the job is done.  Visit The Law Offices of David J. Givot.

National Conference Programs

Since TLG was created in 2006, David Givot has built an impressive résumé speaking at EMS conferences around the United States on various topics related to the Law & EMS.

TLG currently offers the following conference programs:

  • Fundamentals of EMS Documentation
  • Suicide by Social Media
  • Negligence and EMS
  • The Ethics of EMS
  • Patient Care vs. People Care
  • Legal Principles for EMS Providers


Past Conferences

REACH/Salem Hospital Emergency Medical Conference, Salem, OR

“Think Twice, Post Once”

EMSpire 2013, Pinehurst, NC

“Surviving Court”

“Predicting the Future of EMS”

EMSpire 2012, Pinehurst, NC

“Fundamentals of Documentation”

“Suicide by Social Media”

ESO Solutions: WAVE 2012 Conference, Austin, TX

“Suicide by Social Media”

“Surviving Court”

ESO Solutions: WAVE 2011Conference, Austin, TX

“Fundamentals of Documentation”

[LAFD] Joint Agency Air Operations Conference 2011

“Suicide by Social Media”

Riverside County, CA EMS Conference 2011 “Suicide by Social Media”

Oregon EMS Conference 2011 “Fundamentals of EMS Documentation”
”Suicide by Social Media”
”The Law & EMS”

UHS Hosp. ER/EMS Teaching Day, 2011 Binghamton, NY
”The EMS Top 10″

“EMS/Legal HOT Topics”

Concepts in Trauma, 2009 & 2010, Owego, NYEMS & Nursing Conference,  
EMS/Legal Marathon! 
Document or Die!

CONFERENCE, 2010 Spearfish, SD
Fundamentals of Documentation
In Search of the EMS Soul
It’s Not Funny Anymore
EMS in the News
EMS Case Review

CFED West Conference, 2011The New World of EMS and How to Survive It

Kentucky EMS Conference 2007
Negligence in EMS
Fundamentals of Documentation 
Professional Responsibility

National EMS Consulting

EMS, much like law enforcement, is deeply rooted in tradition and heavily driven by agency culture. Unfortunately, also like law enforcement, EMS is learning that its tradition and culture must adapt to changing times lest it be relegated to a quagmire of outdated practices, complaints, and very costly lawsuits.

Where such issues exist and are beyond those which can be fixed through simple education, TLG will provide comprehensive on-site consulting. David Givot will personally spend time riding along with crew members, asking questions and listening to the perceptions from the field. He will likewise spend time with leadership and management to develop a full picture of the organization; strengths and weaknesses.

When the intelligence gathering is complete, along with his team, he will create real and practical solution options and training for implementation.

National Training & Education

Everyone knows that “Knowledge is Power!” TLG believes, more importantly, that “Knowledge is Protection!” When EMS providers are armed with knowledge about how the Law and EMS work together and against one another, the natural result is a provider who can more safely navigate the perils and pitfalls of the industry.

TLG offers a variety of on-site training and education programs that address general and very specific issues, such as documentation, negligence, and the dangers of emerging technologies.

Training is delivered using real-life experiences and examples by a professional who has walked more than a mile in the audience’s boots. More importantly, programs are delivered in a language and style with which the audience can identify. Programs are fast-paced, interactive, and graphic when necessary. There is no condescension, just direct information that can be used immediately.

Although EMS agencies share more commonalities than differences, every operation is unique. Therefore, general topics are adapted to the specific needs of the agency and its participants.

Available topics include, but are not limited to:

i.      Prehospital Care Documentation

ii.      Understanding & Avoiding Negligence

iii.      Risks & Rewards of Social Media

iv.      Applying Legal Principles

v.      Ethics in EMS


Education Clients Include:

Monrovia, CA Fire Department “Document or Die!”

Arcadia, CA Fire Department “Document or Die!”

Shenandoah Valley EMS Woodstock, VA
”The Full [Legal] Monty”

City of Redondo Beach Fire Dept. “Ethics of EMS”

City of San Gabriel Fire Department “Document or Die!”

South Pasadena Fire Department “Document or Die!”

Monterey Park Fire Department “Document or Die!”

Montebello Fire Department “Document or Die!”

Alhambra Fire Department “Document or Die!”

Olympia (WA) Fire Department “Document or Die!”

Chino Valley Fire District “Document or Die!”

Beverly Hills Fire Department “Document or Die!”

Long Beach Memorial Medical Center “Document or Die!”

LA County Fire Department “Building the Cage”

St. Mary Medical Center, Long Beach “Document or Die!”

Northridge Hospital Document or Die!

El Segundo, CA Fire Dept. Document or Die!

Manhattan Beach, CA Fire Dept. Document or Die!

UCLA Paramedic School “Medical/Legal”

LAFD Battalion 6 Documentation Clinic

Los Angeles City Fire Department The New Reality for EMS (Pilot Program)

UCLA Center for Prehospital Care: NREMT-Paramedic Refresher Legal Issues & the EMS Provider
”Document or Die!”
The Law of Pediatrics

Cedars-Sinai Medical Center L.A.
Emergency Department Negligence, Documentation, and Interesting EMS/Legal Trivia
”Document or Die!”

Daniel Freeman (UCLA) Paramedic School Medical/Legal Curriculum

San Diego Medical Services Enterprise (SDMSE) / Rural Metro
Legal Issues & the EMS Provider

Encinitas Fire Department
Legal Issues & the EMS Provider

Del Mar Fire Department
Legal Issues & the EMS Provider

Rancho Santa Fe Fire Department
Legal Issues & the EMS Provider

Elfin Forrest Fire Department
Legal Issues & the EMS Provider

Solana Beach Fire Department
Legal Issues & the EMS Provider

Hollywood Set Medics & Nurses
Motion Picture Studio First Aid Employees Local 767
Legal Issues & the EMS Provider