The Trouble with EMS Slogans

Posted by on Feb 12, 2013 in Articles & Columns, EMS Industry News

pride_care_ambulance“Proudly Serving the City of…” – “Commitment, Compassion, Care”
“Professionalism, Integrity, Pride” – “Honor, Service, Excellence

These are a few of the types of mottos or slogans I see all the time on the sides of EMS vehicles both public and private service; carefully selected descriptors intended to instill some degree of confidence in the general public that they are in good hands.

At first glance, they seem pretty cool. When people see me or think of me, I would love for them to feel some of those things.

To a great extent, mottos and slogans and catchphrases work. A regular person with no experience or contact with EMS can be easily programmed to believe that the agency is committed to being the best of the best and will take comfort in that belief.

But what happens when the catchphrase does not match the conduct?


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