Is it Time for Cameras in Ambulances?

Posted by on Oct 13, 2014 in Articles & Columns

security cameraThere’s no doubt that it’s getting crazy out there. The ever-popular “he said, she said” complaints seem to be at an all-time high. Not because it’s true, but because it’s easy to claim misconduct where the only witness is the alleged perpetrator…and who will believe him? (or her)

I think it’s time to take a close and objective look at the idea of cameras in ambulances. You look it over, too; then tell me what YOU think.

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  1. EdeRomero Wilborn
    December 25, 2014

    I think that installing cameras inside the patient compartment is a fabulous idea. Take it from me who is accused by a patient of sexual misconduct and pretty much hung out to dry by the police department and my company. The state of Texas review the information and decided that they agree there was no misconduct, none the less I’m still struggling to recover my reputation. 20 years in this field and an intoxicated, suicidal and schizophrenic patient seemingly has ruined my entire career. based on the opinion of law enforcement because they felt that the patient was pretty then I had to be guilty despite my fervent denial of the accusation. Who’da thought that I would spend time in jail, fight to have my license taken off of suspension and be unemployed when for 20 years my sole purpose has been to serve. I say install the cameras and protect my brothers and sisters!


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