TLG Will Clear Your Criminal Record *GUARANTEED*

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TLG Application for Expungement 2013

gavelIf a criminal record is keeping you from a better job or a better life, let’s clear it up.

While a California PC 1203.4 “expungement” does not erase a criminal conviction, it does update the record of conviction to reflect that the guilty plea has been withdrawn, a “not guilty” plea has been entered in its place, probation is terminated, and the case has been dismissed.

TLG will do it anywhere in Los Angeles & Orange Counties for a flat $820.

The single fee covers EVERYTHING including the filing fee. You never have to lift a finger. We will do it all… no matter how long it takes!

If the motion is not granted, we will refund $700. ($120. filing fee is non-refundable)

Simply complete the online form, print, sign, and fax. We do the rest.


Important to Know:

If someone does a background check on you, even after an expungement, they still may see that the conviction did take place. But they will also see that it was later successfully dismissed.

Once the 1203.4 motion is granted, you can legally say: “No! I have never been convicted!!”

However, in an application for a state license, for public office, or for contracting with the state lottery, if you are asked whether you’ve been convicted of a crime, you must disclose any criminal convictions, even if the convictions have been expunged.

California law makes it illegal to own, use or possess a firearm after a felony conviction and after certain misdemeanor convictions. An expungement does not relieve the convicted person of this prohibition.

An expungement does not relieve a convicted sex offender in California of the duty to register under California Penal Code §290.

If you are convicted of crimes in the future, the court can (and sometimes must) impose stiffer sentences because of the prior record. Generally, an expungement does not prevent a conviction from still being “priorable” for this purpose.

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